Riding Areas

The Rutherford to the Pemberton Ice CapPemberton Icecap Rutherford
The Pemberton Ice Caps offer one of the biggest snowmobiling territories in the Province and probably the best panoramic view of the region with its 300 Km2 of breathtaking glaciers, vast powder fields, ice caves, valleys and crevices. The average snowfall on the Ice Caps is 39 feet. Needless to say that it is a paradise of a play land for snowmobilers. To get to the ice caps from the Pemberton area, the trail starts on highway 99, just 6 Km south of the village of Pemberton, at the Rutherford Forestry Service Road. There is a big parking lot to accommodate the many riders. The trail up the ice field, named the Rutherford Creek Trail, is 23 Km long and is groomed twice a week by the Pemberton Valley Snowmobile Club. There is a 20$ day-fee to access the trail and the funds collected help pay the snowcat drivers, the fuel and maintenance of the grooming cat and much more. Once up the trail, there is a steep climb up over the Appa Glacier that leads to a wide open powdery field. You can then venture over more glaciers and open fields.


The Brandywine trail access is located between Brandywine Provincial Park and Whistler, about 15 minutes south of Whistler. Turn off Highway 99 onto the Callaghan Valley Road. Take the first left and continue to the left of the Whistler garbage transfer station. Follow the road to the pay booth. The trail fee is $20.00. The trail is groomed daily by the Power Mountain Snowmobile Club. Brandywine has everything from trees on those deep and socked in days to wide open glaciers and access to the Pemberton Ice Cap. It’s got everything for all levels of rider.



Theparking for Sproatt is south of Whistler, just before the Callaghan Valley, on the right hand side of Highway 99 where there is a u-turn area. Follow the very rough and short road up to the parking lot. The lot is very small and fills up quick, so make sure to get there early. There is no fee to access the trail, which is groomed by Canadian Snowmobile. Always keep your right at intersection while on the trail until you reach a fork with a cabin on your left. From here you can climb up into the alpine and enjoy the fun rolling terrain Sproatt has to offer. The watershed for whistler can be accessed from here so please stay away from those long untracked lines down to some of the bigger lakes in the area as they are probably our drinking water.


The Hurley

This is the access to many different zones and also the towns of Bralorne and Goldbridge, small communities trapped in the past and located very remotely in the mountains. If you’re looking for getaway and a true rustic adventure then this is the place for you. It has everything from a trail ride to the great Mineshaft Pub & Hotel, to some of the best big mountain riding or sled ski/board access in the area and you’ll hardly see anyone else. Speak with us and we can go over maps and riding areas if you are unfamiliar with the region. We also have GPS for rent with some of the riding zones marked out though you will need to rely on yourself as conditions and routes in the mountains can change with wind loading, slides and other weather phenomena.