Summer Adventures


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Valley Trail Adventures

Head out for a relaxed pedal to enjoy the scenic views of lakes, rivers, and endless forests while riding Whistler’s valley trail!


E-Bike Single Track Adventures

Explore Whistler’s world renowned single track with one of our experienced guides while getting around on an E-Bike!


Single Track Adventures

Pedal around the Whistler Valley exploring the vast network of single track trails that Whistler offers!

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Whistler Bike Park Adventures

Head into the largest bike park in the world with one of our professional guides for a day of downhill mountain biking!


Mountain Biker Ability Chart


  •  Beginner

    • Limited time spent riding on paved roads or pathways. Limited time spent riding bikes on man made off-road terrain such as dirt or gravel pathways or dirt roads.

    • Can pedal while sitting down without putting a foot down.

    • Can use handbrakes to safely come to a complete stop. 

    • Can stand up with level pedals while coasting

    • For Kids: Off training wheels for at least one year

  • Novice 

    • Some time spent riding on gravel or pathways.

    • Comfortable pedalling sitting down or standing up.

    • Comfortable standing up while riding a trail.

    • Comfortable using hand brakes to modulate speed while riding a trail.

  • Intermediate 

    • Comfortable riding off road terrain at a moderate pace.

    • Comfortable riding terrain with some roots and rocks on single track terrain without putting a foot down.

    • Confident climbing gentle terrain with roots and rocks.

    • Can ride without having to think about braking, gear changes, or balance on the bike. 

  • Strong Intermediate

    • Confident with riding green and blue single track terrain.

    • Starting to ride single black single track trails.

    • Limited experience with jump or drops on a mountain bike.

    • Confident with balance, braking, cornering, changing gears at higher speeds. 

    • Confident with climbing steeper or more technical trails with roots and rocks.

  • Advanced

    • Confident with riding all blue trails with limited time spent riding black single track terrain.

    • Confident descending steeper and more technical terrain at higher speeds maintaining balance and bike control.

    • Confident climbing steeper and more technical terrain. 

    • Comfortable with medium to large sized jumps and drops. 

  • Expert

    • Has spent a significant amount of time riding black trails and working on riding double black and proline rated trails 

    • Confident hitting large jumps and drops

    • Confident climbing and descending steeper and more technical terrain