Snowmobiling Ability chart




  • Has never ridden a snowmobile

  • Has little to no experience in the backcountry during the winter

  • Likely has no other power sports experience. 

    • Not a problem we will teach you from the basics! 


  • Has some experience riding a snowmobile on a groomed trail

  • Has limited experience in changing snow conditions

  • Has spent some time on a backcountry snowmobile 

  • Has limited experience in the backcountry during the winter and assessing avalanche terrain 

  • Could have other power sports experience such as a quad or dirt bike (this is very helpful)


  • Has driven a snowmobile more than a few times

  • Can drive down a trail at a good pace while feeling comfortable

  • Starting to understand the basics of off trail riding in soft snow. 

  • Understands about counter steering to turn the sled in powder

  • Can get self unstuck without too much trouble

  • Has some understanding of assessing hazards and avalanche terrain but could use some coaching

  • Has extensive power sports experience (outside of snowmobiles)


  • Has significant experience riding snowmobiles

  • Can carve and control the snowmobile in deep snow without issue. 

  • Can break trail and has some experience route finding

  • Capable of riding more technical terrain, climb and descend open hills with no problem

  • Capable of putting the sled on edge

  • Counter steering is natural, strong throttle and brake control skills

  • Has the ability to self-extract if stuck in deep powder 

  • Comfortable assessing hazards and avalanche terrain 


  • Ride sleds for 15+ days per year and typically own their own snowmobile

  • Can ride all day in steep, technical and treed terrain in all conditions 

  • Able to hold a side hill indefinitely even when the terrain or snow conditions get more challenging

  • Has complete control over the snowmobile. 

  • Can self-extract their sled if they are stuck

  • Strong ability to understand and assess terrain and avalanche hazards